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ticklemeskinny-deactivated20120 asked: onefifteendream, meet http://getfitbrittany.tumblr.com/
height: 5'3"
cw: 150

(: I’m so excited!

ticklemeskinny-deactivated20120 asked: thanks for the message love, ill let you know when i find you a partner :)


getfitbrittany-deactivated20120 asked: We were paired in the buddy system from TickleMeSkinny :)
I am very excited for us to motivate each other! Want to give me some info about yourself?

I know! I am so excited myself. :)
And alright, do you have a facebook?  

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She’s so gorgeous!

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I’m going to work out now.

50 push up’s and 50 crunches.
I haven’t been working out a lot, but it’s okay.
I can still feel myself losing weight, which is marvelous.
I honestly have not eaten over 800 calories this entire month.
And not even by choice, but because my body is used to it now.
It’s just used to the feeling of being hungry,
it’s used to all the water, and the diet pills, and excersize.

I’m so happy. :)