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I haven’t been working out.

I’m going to clean my room today, and then I’m going on a walk.
I’m also going walking for an hour today (6pm-7pm)
I just need to get myself on track.

Right now, I’m working on thinning out my arms.
I feel like it’s a lot easier to focus on one part of my body instead of the whole entire thing.
So, throughout the day I’m going to be doing 100 push up’s. 


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I need to be skinny.

I’m going to do 200 sit up’s right now,
100 jumping jacks and 25 push up’s.

Then I’m going out to get my check.
But as soon as I come back, I’m walking around for an hour.
Thank God, because yesterday was a cheat day for me.

My friend is sleeping over tonight,
so she’ll probably be pigging out and stuff - but that’s okay.
I’ll just eat my fiber packed food and call it a day.